Meet Firm Founder Sandra "Sam" Akoury

As an attorney I have been practicing law for over two decades. The majority of those years I have been in solo practice.

I enjoy the practice of law because I enjoy resolving problems. I also see people with problems not as cases or as generic clients, but as real people who need help. My office reflects this and is a welcoming, casual environment. I regularly work with people to resolve business disputes against spurious claims, fraud, breaches of contract, commercial and residential lease disputes, and breaches of fiduciary duty as well as other issues.

Extensive Development And Asset Management Knowledge

I started out in real estate development. When the economy soured in the 1990s, I shifted my career and moved to the Bank of Boston as an asset manager. There I did thousands of title searches and appraisals and took foreclosed properties and fixed them up and sold them. Because of this I have an insider's view and a keen understanding of how the real estate market works and fluctuates. I know from both an economic as well as a legal perspective exactly what is needed to turn a profit.

I can help you with deeds, plans, contracts of sales and how to read and interpret contracts. I know, perhaps better than other attorneys without this experience, how a deal is put together.

A Deep Understanding Of Construction Law

I worked on several committees focused on construction law with the Connecticut Bar Association and have over a decade of construction law legal experience. I understand the importance of avoiding and resolving costly legal entanglements. My work includes mechanic's liens, land use and zoning, purchase and transfer, construction litigation and appeals. I work with you to resolve your immediate legal issue in all stages of the process.

An Accessible Fee Structure

I have an accessible fee structure. Large firms have large offices, large staffs and large billable hours quotas. Here, at the Law Offices of Sandra Akoury, I maintain a low overhead. You will never be "nickled and dimed." If you have a question, simply call me or email me. I will not charge you for 15 minutes of time if it took me three minutes to answer your question. I understand that communication about your case is part of the process and I build this into my upfront fee structure. This means we can talk about what is happening without running up the clock.

An Experienced General Practice Attorney

As a general practice lawyer I help you navigate the full gamut of legal issues that can affect your life. I have helped numerous clients with family law, divorce and post-divorce property division. I have successfully handled defamation and embezzlement issues. I bring my broad understanding of the law and over two decades of legal experience to bear on every case I work on. Whether your issue is a property dispute, a labor dispute or a mechanic's lien, I can help. I recently successfully defended the estate rights to an internationally significant precious art collection by an internationally known artist.

Contact me, attorney Sandra Akoury for personal, approachable and knowledgeable legal representation and guidance. Call the Law Offices of Sandra Akoury in Danbury at 203-295-3847 or email me and I will get back to you promptly. To serve you better I am available evenings and weekends by appointment.