Qualified Legal Help With Litigation, Real Estate And Construction Law Issues

For over 20 years I have been helping business, property, and construction company owners resolve their legal issues.

With a strong background in real estate development, banking, and asset management, I understand not only what is at stake for you, but the options available to help you. I have extensive experience with many types of business litigation, commercial leases, and appeals.

Individuals, small businesses, and even larger companies need legal help that is both affordable and accessible. When it comes to protecting the business or real estate you have put your life into, you deserve skilled and qualified legal counsel. At the Law Offices of Sandra Akoury, I offer flexible fee structures and provide each client with the highest value of legal services personalized to your needs. I am upfront about what I can do for you and what my fees are. You will receive the quality legal guidance you need to resolve your issue, without concern that you will be charged for every minute that I spend on your case.

Your Firm For Real Estate Dispute Resolution and Landlord-Tenant Issues

Before I was an attorney, I worked in real estate development and property management. There I learned how to put together, and take apart, complex real estate contracts, as well as how to handle evictions from start to finish. When the economy turned, I moved into asset management. In this role I grew to understand how the economy affects real estate and what is needed from a legal and business perspective in order to minimize liability and maximize profits. A good portion of my practice is in working with commercial landlords and tenants to resolve disputes.

Construction Law, Litigation, And Appeals

With a background in both development and asset management, and over 20 years of civil and construction litigation experience, I have a broad understanding of the steps you need to take to protect your rights and minimize the impact your legal issues will have on your life. I have worked extensively on mechanic's liens and construction contracts, and I work in arbitration as well as the courts. I bring my extensive experience and understanding to bear on each case I handle. I will work to find a creative solution to your civil, construction, contract, or business law issue.

Most significantly, I have briefed and argued extensively at the Connecticut Appellate Court and the Connecticut Supreme Court on multiple civil issues. Perhaps my most gratifying moment as an attorney was when the Connecticut Supreme Court agreed with my interpretation of a statute that the Connecticut courts had been misapplying for decades, resulting in a substantial monetary victory for my clients and changing the way that law is now applied in Connecticut.

Property Lines Disputes, Adverse Possession And Partition Action

Sometimes even when we are minding our own business, a legal situation arises and we must take action. One of these situations is adverse possession. If a neighbor is infringing on your property rights - by planting a garden on the property line, cutting down a tree, or putting up a fence - call me. The sooner we address the issue, the closer you are to resolving it.

I also have extensive quiet title action experience. If both you and another person are making a claim to a property, or your property needs to be partitioned among heirs to an estate, call me.

Contact me, attorney Sandra Akoury at the Danbury, Connecticut, Law Offices of Sandra Akoury for personal, approachable and knowledgeable legal representation. Call 203-295-3847 or email me and I will get back to you promptly. I am available evenings and weekends by appointment. Serving Danbury and Fairfield County.